Hallamshire Aikido Club

Please note: This is a holding page – our new website will be online soon!

Practice Information:

Classes are held on Tuesday evenings: 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

These are open to all levels of ability, ages 14+.

About us

Hallamshire Aikido Club was opened back in 1994 by it’s first instructor Steven Newton. The first venue was Pond Forge Sports Centre in the heart of Sheffield. The club has since moved to the Sheffield Springs Academy where it is now run by Mark Headleand Sensei. (For directions to the Dojo click here.)

More information about the art of Aikido, its background and our style of practice can be found here.

If you’re new to Aikido or just martial arts in general, take a look at the benefits you’ll get from training.

Training Facilities

Our classes are held in the Dance Studio which is air conditioned and has ful wall mirrors down one side of the room. Toilets are availble across the hallway from the Dojo.


Hallamshire Aikido Club is a member of Shobu Aikido UK association founded by George Forbes Sensei (7th Dan) who has been practicing and teaching Aikido for over 35 years. He has studied in Japan, Belgium, France, Spain and the U.S.A on a regular basis with many different Sensei (Teachers) but his passion is Aikido as practiced by Nobuyoshi Tamura Shihan (8th Dan).

Contact us

For more information email or contact Mark on 07841 448524.

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