As a club we are committed to keeping everyone as safe as possible for Aikido practice. Following the British Aikido Board’s guidelines set out on their Covid 19 hub we have a risk assessment in place which all students are required to read and agree to before stepping onto the mat, along with an opt-in form.

A few points to note:

  • Please ensure you take a Rapid Flow test prior to attending Aikido Class. If you cannot (or are unwilling to), please do not attend. These are readily available from pharmacies or online for free.
  • Temperature checks using a non-contact infra red thermometer are required for everyone prior to training.
  • Please do not attend Aikido practice if you are feeling unwell. This includes common colds – these will easily spread when close to your partners!
  • The use of a mask during Aikido practice is not a requirement but should you wish to wear your own, you are welcome to.

Click here to read the full current version of our risk assessment.

Covid statistics for Sheffield can be viewed here.